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Day: January 7, 2017

The Benefits of Gardening

The Benefits of Gardening

Creating and tending to a garden has many health benefits for the human body. Especially when you start by envisioning the initial concept in your mind and then bringing it to fruition. It should include lots of seasonal plants with visually appealing components.

Here are just a few of the benefits of gardening on your body:

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It might not be the most intense form of exercise, but gardening will offer the unique opportunity to burn quite a few calories. Clearly, the longer that you spend outside in the garden the more calories that will be burned. And the repetitive motion of bending down to pull weeds will help to strengthen the lower back muscles. Exercise is a critical part of maintaining good overall health.

Mental Health

Since the outdoor garden is located outside, it is a great way to be in the open fresh air for extended periods of time. Breathing in fresh air is good for the lungs and also for the brain. It is cleansing for both body parts for clean fresh air to enter the body and tends to raise a person’s spirits. It helps to settle any worries and create a feeling of hope. Also going outside and allowing direct sunlight be absorbed by the skin is a good way to enhance vitamin consumption. What warms the skin also warms the soul.

Fresh Food

Having a garden means that there will be fresh raw ingredients to work with and ultimately to eat. Fresh whole foods are far healthier for the human body than ones that are grown using pesticides and chemicals commercially. They provide the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain optimal health. Eating highly processed foods can lead to chronic health problems. They are generally filled with large amounts of sodium and sugar that can contribute to or create heart problems and obesity.


The motions that are required in gardening help support a person’s improved flexibility. The bending and reaching out to pull weeds also is great for being able to hold your balance which is important as the person ages. Using a hoe to chop weeds will strengthen the arms and torso and thusly will also strengthen the heart. Strong muscles contribute to strong bones also. As a person ages their overall strength and flexibility will decrease and it will increase the risk of broken bones as muscles give way.

As you can see, there are many benefits of gardening. They range from physical health all the way to improved mental health. It would serve you well to try out gardening for yourself and see how well it works for you. It does not matter if the garden is a large one or a small one, they both provide equal advantages. The most important part is that it is located outside, so that the benefits of fresh air and sunshine can be appreciated in proportion.