Avoid Putting These Foods Into Your Blender

Avoid Putting These Foods Into Your Blender

fruit smoothieBuying the best blender for smoothies is always a good idea because this appliance can prove to be a huge asset for any kitchen. This is because it isn’t just used to make smoothies. It is a very versatile piece of equipment that can also be used to whip up things like dips and soups within no time at all.

A lot of people take advantage of this versatility and throw in whatever they see into the blender because they know that it’ll crush anything that goes in there. However, in order to ensure the longevity of your smoothie blender, you need to ensure that certain food items are never placed inside the blender.

The very first type of food that must be avoided is anything that is quite hard. This means that things like nuts must not be added into the blender and if you do, you might increase the risk of damaging the blades. If you have a blender that is sufficiently powerful to crush nuts then you should be able to blend them. However, even in this situation, you need to be aware that the end-result might be sticky and mixture might not taste great.

Frozen fruit is another food type that is commonly thrown into a smoothie blender. We often throw this straight after taking it out of the freezer even though it is rock hard at this point. This can also have a detrimental effect on the blades even if you have the best blender for smoothies in terms of durability. Fruit is a fantastic natural way of sweetening smoothies and adding frozen fruit can lead to a delicious smoothie. However, just make sure you remove the frozen fruit from the freezer and let it thaw for a little bit of time before putting it into the blender.

Nuts and frozen fruits can have delicious effects on your smoothies but they can be damaging to the blender. However, some items have the opposite effect. You need to avoid blending anything that has a strong smell. The perfect example of this is garlic, which is often placed into the blender by a lot of us. If you have done this then the next time you make a smoothie in that blender, I’m sure you will notice that bad smell and taste. This is going to happen because these items are going to work on the rubber seal of your smoothie blender. As a result, this seal is going to negatively affect some of the things you stir up in that blender.

It is also essential to avoid putting vegetables that have been kept at room temperature. These vegetables are going to be dry and soft. This means that if you place them inside the blender and attempt to crush them, they might release a brown liquid that has the potential to stick to the glass jar and taint it. For this reason, it is always a good idea to put these vegetables in the freezer for at least ten minutes so that they are hard enough to be blended properly.

If you have the best smoothie blender possible then this might be able to tackle most foods that can damage the structure of other blenders. However, in order to minimize the risk of damage and ensure delicious smoothies, soups and dips, you need to take the necessary precautions and avoid these types of foods.

How to Improve your Garden in Every Way

How to Improve your Garden in Every Way

perfect garden

Most people are over worked and under paid and feel the downside of those things. And when they are able to return to their home, they genuinely require a soft place to fall both figuratively and literally. It is for that reason that a more Zen like atmosphere is sought after.

Here are a few tips to achieve a more Zen like home:

Add Fire

Even though it sounds simple, try adding an element of fire to a backyard garden area. It will be as relaxing to look at as it is at providing warmth to the air. The element of fire is known as an enjoyable way to spend downtime, when marshmallows can be roasted and eaten. It will be a fun time for the entire family or it can be enjoyed alone as well.

Window Coverings

Not all times of the year are known as a good time to be outside. But even when the winter months are cold, take the time to pull back the curtains and let the natural sunlight stream inside. It will provide a pseudo sense of warmth that the body will react positively to. The human body needs sunlight and it will give you more energy.

Bring the Outdoors In

Whenever possible it is important to try to find elements of the outdoors and incorporate them into the home. Start by purchasing some potted plants strategically placed throughout the home. It will work best if you place one in each room of the home. You can also transplant plants that you have in your garden or yard into potted plants also. They will offer additional oxygen, making for a healthier life.

Pseudo Fireplace

If you are someone that does not have an original fireplace in your apartment or home, try making a pseudo fireplace. Purchase a fireplace frame in an antique shop and nail it to the wall. Then purchase some different sized candles, different heights work best. You can line them up from tallest down too smallest or you can arrange them in disarray. Light them at night and enjoy the fire like atmosphere that they provide. It will inevitably enhance your living area for optimal results.

Small Patio

If you have a small patio, it could make it seem like you can’t really enjoy the outdoors in the same way that you could with a big backyard. Try adding a comfortable chair with a footrest for added comfort. You will need to add a side table to be able to place a refreshing beverage or a book. It will be a great way to use the space that you have in the best way possible. You could even turn it into a place to carry out barbecues so you can store your smoker in that area.

It is important to live your best life and these tips can help to enhance your journey. Try them for yourself and see what results they can bring in your life. Think of ways that you can bring the outdoor environment inside with elements of fire, water, and light to get the best results.

The Benefits of Gardening

The Benefits of Gardening

Creating and tending to a garden has many health benefits for the human body. Especially when you start by envisioning the initial concept in your mind and then bringing it to fruition. It should include lots of seasonal plants with visually appealing components.

Here are just a few of the benefits of gardening on your body:

love gardening


It might not be the most intense form of exercise, but gardening will offer the unique opportunity to burn quite a few calories. Clearly, the longer that you spend outside in the garden the more calories that will be burned. And the repetitive motion of bending down to pull weeds will help to strengthen the lower back muscles. Exercise is a critical part of maintaining good overall health.

Mental Health

Since the outdoor garden is located outside, it is a great way to be in the open fresh air for extended periods of time. Breathing in fresh air is good for the lungs and also for the brain. It is cleansing for both body parts for clean fresh air to enter the body and tends to raise a person’s spirits. It helps to settle any worries and create a feeling of hope. Also going outside and allowing direct sunlight be absorbed by the skin is a good way to enhance vitamin consumption. What warms the skin also warms the soul.

Fresh Food

Having a garden means that there will be fresh raw ingredients to work with and ultimately to eat. Fresh whole foods are far healthier for the human body than ones that are grown using pesticides and chemicals commercially. They provide the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain optimal health. Eating highly processed foods can lead to chronic health problems. They are generally filled with large amounts of sodium and sugar that can contribute to or create heart problems and obesity.


The motions that are required in gardening help support a person’s improved flexibility. The bending and reaching out to pull weeds also is great for being able to hold your balance which is important as the person ages. Using a hoe to chop weeds will strengthen the arms and torso and thusly will also strengthen the heart. Strong muscles contribute to strong bones also. As a person ages their overall strength and flexibility will decrease and it will increase the risk of broken bones as muscles give way.

As you can see, there are many benefits of gardening. They range from physical health all the way to improved mental health. It would serve you well to try out gardening for yourself and see how well it works for you. It does not matter if the garden is a large one or a small one, they both provide equal advantages. The most important part is that it is located outside, so that the benefits of fresh air and sunshine can be appreciated in proportion.

Recycling your Old Christmas Tree

Recycling your Old Christmas Tree

recycling your old Christmas tree

Most people enjoy a real Christmas tree during the holiday months. They provide a beautiful look as well as a nose pleasing smell for every family home. However, when the bristles get dry and the holidays are over, you might be wondering what to do with the unwanted tree. Try to think of ways that do not involve a landfill. Here are a few suggestions on what to do with your Christmas tree once it no longer has a use:

Mulch It

Remove the bristles from the limbs and use them around plants and gardens as a mulch like substance. They work great to hold water in under the surface during the warmer months of the year. It is a less expensive alternative than putting in a landfill to decompose over time. Plants will grow and thrive best when a good coating of mulch is applied to the top surface. The water content of the soil is greatly enhanced by doing so.

Fish Pond

If you have an outdoor fish pond or an outdoor pond, then cut the smaller limbs away and place them inside of the tank. They make a fantastic hid away that your fish will love to nestle into the crooks and crannies for additional warm and protection from bigger predators. Fish love having a hiding place that makes them feel secure. They will thank you for it by living a long healthy life.

Cut The Trunk Up

Take a small hand saw to slice the trunk into small half inch pieces. They can be used for a variety of things from there. Apply lacquer to the outdoor to make them water proof and you can make drink coasters with them. Or try gluing a small picture to one side and apply a lacquer and a hanger on the back and you can use them as rustic picture frames. They are a very nice outdoor woodsy look that will greatly enhance the home.

Dealing With The Trunk

Don’t forget to cut up the trunk into individual timbers to be used as additional firewood. Just because they are used as decoration in the home, they are still essentially firewood that can effectively and efficiently be burned in the fireplace.

Tree Company

You can also call a tree company that has a wood chipper to be used. Once the Christmas tree has been chipped up it can be used as mulch or still burned in the fireplace. When used as a moisture barrier, it works very well to hold in the moisture and keep the heat out.

There are many great ways to reinvent the Christmas tree for different uses in the home. Take the tips listed above to inspire to think of even more ways that they can be used. Have a little bit of fun with it and find new and inventive ways to make extended use of your Christmas tree that do not involve a landfill.

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking Its Best

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking Its Best

christmas tree

Christmas is arguably the most festive time of year. Apart from the occasional Grinch, most people love the opportunity to decorate with colorful lights and festive ornaments. The mainstay of any Christmas decorating is, of course, the Christmas tree. One problem with live Christmas trees, however, is that they aren’t fully alive when you purchase them. Like cut flowers, they are actually in a state of dying, and thus, they can lose their color and even their needles long before you are ready to take them down. This article will present several easy to follow tips on how to keep your Christmas tree healthier so that you can enjoy it longer.

Choose your tree carefully

Sometimes, when we wait till the last minute to buy our tree, we get stuck with trees that have been sitting around for some time. These specimens may already be losing their needles, and that makes for a tough job keeping them looking good once you bring them home. Thus, first and foremost, be sure to buy your tree early in the season so that you can get a fresher tree. Caring for a tree soon after it is cut will ensure that it keeps its color for weeks of enjoyment.

Trim the base of the trunk

Once a tree is cut, the base of the trunk begins to harden. While this is meant to protect the tree, it can in fact be a problem. As the base of the trunk hardens it becomes less open to receiving water. By trimming the base of the trunk you expose softer wood that will absorb water better. It is advised to not only trim the trunk when you buy it, but also trim it again when you get home if you have more than a five minute drive. This is because the trunk will start hardening again as soon as it is cut, so for best results, make sure the cut is fresh when you put it into water.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight

This is a bit of a no-brainer. If you want to keep something from drying out, then keep it away from any conditions that will cause it to do so. Heat vents, radiators, or direct sunlight windows are killers for any Christmas trees. Thus, in order to get the longest life from your tree, keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.

Add sugar to the water

A final tip is to add sugar to the water. Just as sugary drinks give you an extra boost of energy, so too will sugar water help your tree. A couple spoonfuls is all that it takes. Some plant companies offer specially made additives to help keep your tree vibrant, at little extra cost.


If you stick to the simple tips provided in this article, you will be sure to have a healthy Christmas tree for longer than you might expect. Using all of these tips can allow for up to a full two months before the tree begins to dry out. Hopefully this article will help you have an even happier Christmas!